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Bianca Kristin Woltsche who was born in Vorarlberg, one of Austria’s most scenic regions, is an international renown make-up artist and is currently making a name for herself in the fashion, beauty and film industry. Early on she knew a career on this turf would not only require ambition, but hard work and perseverance.
And since thinking small was never an option for her, it should not be a surprise to you, that she picked Munich as her first stomping ground, one of Europe’s most influential fashion capitals nonetheless. Her captivating attitude, edgy creations and a keen eye for details is reflected in anything she ever did and still does.
After developing a strong client portfolio she had finally gained enough self-confidence to tackle new challenges and even to go out and shake the cage for a bit.
Even though a lot of work is dedicated to her projects, Bianca Kristin Woltsche is still pushing on, always looking for new clients, new challenges and new ideas.


– So be advised to check back once in a while since this is not the end of an introduction but rather a good start to know me.


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